Schaufenster Vol. XIX Edition: interdisziplinär

w/ Seba Pellanda & Tamara Vizzardi
Eloi Gigon
Tanja Bojanic & Julia Zehnder

«Schaufenster» ist eine Ausstellungsreihe an der HKB an der Fellerstrasse 11 in Bern mit Arbeiten von Studierenden aus dem Fach­ bereich Gestaltung und Kunst.

Seba Pellanda und Timara Vizzardi
„we are looking in the same direction (accidental transhumance) [in three acts]“
This project stems from Pellanda‘s request to Vizzardi to create a video accompaniment for their DJ set at the Sender Club in Zurich on the 17th of February 2024.
The video performance was then shown in conjunction with the musical performance, resulting in a pleasant, loving embrace; a slow and inexora- ble synaptic connection.
When two performance works overlap so precisely, without prior consi- deration, there is definitely something dodgy going on.
We therefore present the results of this collaboration in the form of an audio-visual installation.

Eloi Gigon
The work is made out of red clay and wood and metal and electricity and isolating foam and paint and paper.
I started the work 3 months ago by constructing only the electrical parts with the red clay. I had no intention of doing a vertical thing with it, but ideas come on the way and you need to follow them.
I really like the idea of something working by itself, like lightbulbs and electricity, it gives me a feeling of something coming out of the blue, a feeling of something escaping its nature.
Im also really interested about the idea of having a mural sculpture, because I can’t go and wander all around it, it gives me a feeling of frontal urge to dive in the work. Im also quite excited about space, because it gives me the opportunity to put things in, its like a fragment of a story.
A glimpse of a bigger landscape.

Tanja Bojanic & Julia Zehnder
Im Rahmen des Brand Identity Moduls im VisKom Studiengang gründeten wir einen streng Bürokratischen Staat und gestalteten dafür die gesamte Brand Identity. Das Land und dessen
Abläufe wurden in Form einer Präsentation dargestellt. Dafür produzierten wir in der Holzwerkstatt zwei riesige Stempel. Sie waren Hauptteil der Arbeit und demonstrierten die übertriebene Kompliziertheit und Unmenschlichkeit der Bürokratie. Mit den Stempeln haben wir Dokumente angenommen oder abgelehnt.
In den Stempeln stecken viele Stunden Arbeit und wir
wollen ihnen noch einmal eine Bühne bieten.